Simple But Effective Saving Tips You Should Know

Saving can be very hard for some people and easy for others. When I was younger I’ve never found it hard to save but as an adult saving became quite a challenge for me. I used to ask myself how is that when I was younger I could save more.


Then I realized that the reason why I used to save more when I was younger was because I had less responsibility. As a young adult I have to pay for things such as bills, groceries, and other stuff. But then there was another thing bothering me; I knew that bills and groceries cost a lot of money but other than that I was still having issues saving.


One day a thought came into my head and it shocked me, what if I am the one spending my money foolishly? It turns out that was the reason why I couldn’t save a lot of money anymore. So I came up with these simple tips on how to help you save money.




Having a budget is always important. Because you can set a limit to how much you want to spend for the month. The best way to write up a budget is to write down and calculate all the necessary expenses you have to pay for. This includes the bills, rent(only if you have to pay for it), groceries, and other things you think are important such as dentist/doctor’s appointment and medications.




This is probably one of the main reasons why people can’t save. We usually spend on stuff we hardly use at all. I’ve asked my friends who have cable how often do they watch TV or use cable. Some said they hardly watched Tv at all, while others say that they only use the cable as background noise and for news. I then asked them how much do they spend on cable; the answers were between $60-$100 per month.


So the best way to avoid doing something like this is to ask yourself if you really want it. But if you think about it, Most of what the cable shows can be watched on the internet. For example, If you only like to watch movies, or Tv shows you can get those by having a Netflix or Hulu subscription. And if you only watch news and sports you can watch the news on youtube and watch sports on sports apps such as ESPN. Even if you pay for Hulu, Netflix, and a sports app every month it won’t cost as much as paying for cable. I suggest you only cancel your cable bill only if you don’t use it.


This will save you a decent amount of money per month.





Setting a goal is one of the best ways to save money. For example, you can set a goal that you want to save $12000 by the ending of the year(From January to December)this will make you more likely to save.  Your saving goal can be anything you want, it can be something big like a car or something a bit smaller like a TV, or a new computer.


Having a saving goal can make you less likely to spend money on something you want(something expensive) as soon as you get paid.