How To Declutter And Organize Your Entire Home

Tired of having a messy and unorganized home? Well, don’t worry because I have put together a guide on how to declutter your entire home.



When decluttering your bedroom you need to start by picking up any trash, clothes, or items that are on the floor. Put back things where they belong. Then use a duster and dust off the bedside table, bed head, and curtains. After that, you need to vacuum the floor. Then organize the closet. To clean and organize your closet you just need to put your clothes on hangers and vacuum or sweep the closet floor.



The kitchen is slightly harder to organize. But don’t worry I will show you the best ways to declutter and clean your kitchen.  First, you need to clean the dishes and place them in the dish drainer. Next, you need to clean the countertops and cabinets. The best way to clean the kitchen countertops is to pour 1 cup of disinfectant on the countertops, then use the cloth to wipe where the disinfectant was poured and all over the countertops. Get rid of things you don’t want on your countertop. These things might be certain appliances you don’t use very often or a misplaced item.


To clean the kitchen cabinets you need to get a damp cloth and squeeze 3 drops of dish soap on it. After doing that use the cloth to wipe the cabinets. Then use another cloth(dry) to wipe away the soap that’s on the cabinet.


After that, you need to get rid of any of the old dish towels you have. Old dish towels can have a bad smell at times, I know this because I had a lot of old dishtowels in my kitchen and it took me a few sniffs to realize that I had to get rid of them.


Remove any expired food or drink from the refrigerator. You may think that you don’t have any expired items in there but you will be surprised if you double-check.


Now it’s time to sweep and mop the kitchen floor. Sweep before you mop, and also it’s best to use a Swiffer wet jet to mop the floor.




Decluttering your bathroom is way easier than it sounds. To declutter your bathroom you just need to get rid of any items that you don’t use. This might take a while for some people but eventually, you are going to realize that there is a lot of things you don’t really use.




The best thing to do when decluttering your living room is to put back things where they belong.


I hope this helped you to declutter your home. Have a good day.