Home Cleaning Guide: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Schedule

Home cleaning guide: Daily, weekly, and monthly schedule


Establishing a realistic cleaning routine will make your home a much more functional and enjoyable space for you and your family to spend time in.


Although few people actually enjoy cleaning, it is fairly easy to establish a routine that will make it feel easier to accomplish. The key to a successful cleaning routine is to remain consistent with your daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning tasks so messes don’t pile up and become too overwhelming.


In this post, we’ll give you a breakdown of common household cleaning tasks and how often you should plan on doing them.


Daily cleaning


Depending on your lifestyle, your home likely won’t remain pristine for longer than a day or two. It’s a good idea to do at least a few minutes of cleaning every day to avoid any big messes that will take longer to clean later.


Here are a few areas of your home to check on a daily basis to help maintain cleanliness:


1. Sweep floors and mop up any stains

Give your floors a quick sweep every day, especially in well-trafficked areas of your home. If you notice any stains, you can use a rag or mop to wipe it up. Keeping your floors clean will prevent dirt and debris from getting into your carpets and onto furniture, so your home will stay clean for longer.

2. Wash the dishes

After cooking a meal, be sure to give yourself enough time to wash the dishes. If you have a dishwasher, be sure to load the dishwasher regularly and run it when it’s full.


3. Remove clutter from surfaces like tables, floors, and countertops


Keeping clutter in plain sight makes your house feel cramped and messy. You can instantly improve your space by putting any knick-knacks away where they belong.


4. Spray an air freshener or light a candle

Keep your home smelling fresh and inviting with an air freshener or candle. The scent can combat any cooking and pet smells and make your home feel even cozier.

5. Wipe down countertops

Once you remove all the clutter from your counters, quickly wipe them down with a damp rag to get rid of any dirt and grime. Doing this daily prevents any stains or big messes from forming, and your spaces will always be ready to use.



6. Organize the bedroom

Coming home to a messy bedroom isn’t the best way to end your day. Right away in the morning be sure your laundry is picked up off the floor, your dresser and nightstands are clear of clutter, and your bed is made. That way, your bedroom will always feel like a relaxing oasis to escape to at the end of a busy day.



Weekly cleaning


Setting aside about an hour every week to give specific areas of your home a deep clean will greatly improve your quality of life and keep cleaning easy to manage.


Here are some weekly cleaning tasks to complete on a regular basis:



1. Do your laundry

Depending on the size of your family, you may need to do laundry a few times a week but aim to do it at least weekly. Be sure to wash your bedding, towels, and other linens along with any clothing that needs to get washed. When you’re starting your weekly cleaning tasks, you can begin with laundry so it will be done around the time you’re finished cleaning the rest of the house.



2. Clean cabinets and throw away spoiled food

Old food sometimes makes its way to the back of the pantry or refrigerator where it’s forgotten about. Before you make your weekly grocery list, check your pantry and fridge for any food that is bad. Toss anything that’s expired and straighten the rest of your food so you can easily see it.



3. Organize your closets

Closets can become messy if you don’t take the time to organize them. As you put your laundry away, be sure to rehang any clothing that’s fallen off of hangers and rearrange any items that are out of place. You can also keep some of your seasonal clothing and belongings in storage so your closets feel less cramped.


4. Clean and organize bathrooms

It’s important to keep a clean bathroom in your home, especially if guests drop by during the week. Spend a few minutes every week to clean the sink, shower, bathtub, toilet, and mirrors in your bathroom. You can also mop the floors and restock any towels and washcloths so you’re not looking for them during the week.



5. Scrub the stovetop and wipe down appliances

Grab a sponge and some cleaning products to tackle any cooked-on stains and splatters from your stovetop and kitchen appliances. You can also use a damp rag to quickly wipe down the inside of your fridge and dust off your countertop appliances.

6. Vacuum rugs

The carpeting in your home can quickly collect dust and dirt from dirty shoes and pets. At least once a week be sure to vacuum the rugs, especially if people in your home suffer from allergies.



Monthly cleaning


Daily and weekly cleaning tasks shouldn’t take too long to complete, as long as you’re able to do them consistently. Monthly cleaning tasks are a little more work, but they’re well worth it.


Here are a few monthly cleaning tasks to make time for:



1. Clean/vacuum furniture

Grab your vacuum and lint roller to freshen up your furniture and throw pillows. Remove any cushions and vacuum up any dirt that’s fallen underneath. If you notice any stains, you can apply a stain remover.



2. Clean baseboards and walls

The baseboards and walls around your home can get scuffed and dusty. Once a month, use a dry cloth to wipe down your baseboards and walls. If you find any splatters or stains, use a slightly damp cloth to gently scrub the mark off, being careful not to damage any paint.



3. Clean dishwasher

After a month of regular use, your dishwasher is probably a little dirty. Wipe down the inside of your dishwasher with soap and vinegar to remove any food stains.



4. Dust ceiling fans

Ceiling fans can collect a surprising amount of dirt, especially if you keep them on for a long time. Turn your ceiling fans off and use a long-handled duster to clean off the fan blades.



5. Check for carpet stains

Walk around your home and look for any spills or stains on the carpet. You can use a stain remover to treat the stain and prevent it from permanently damaging your carpet.



6. Deep clean appliances

Take some time to thoroughly wipe down your appliances – inside and out.