4 Incredible Ways To Clean Baseboards




Cleaning your entire home can be very difficult. We usually forget to clean certain areas of the home. One of these areas is the baseboards. Most time when people including myself are cleaning we usually focus on stuff like the floor countertops and other areas. We hardly focus on the baseboards, but they usually get dirtier than the other parts of the walls. That’s because they are close to the ground.  So I made this to show you the best ways to clean your baseboards.




Using a cloth is probably the most basic way to clean anything but it usually gets the job done. Now I’m going to cut to the chase. Now what you need is a microfibre cloth I recommend you use these instead of using a regular cloth. That’s because microfibre cloths don’t leave a lot of lint on areas that you clean. Now pour 1/3 cup of dish soap on the cloth( make sure the cloth is damp). Then use the cloth to clean the baseboard. Be sure to scrub lightly as you don’t want to damage the paint.




If the tip above didn’t work for you and you want to try something more unusual: well you should try to use a dryer sheet. You might be wondering why a dryer sheet? Well, dryer sheets are known to give laundry a nice smell but they have a lot of hidden uses as well one of these uses is to clean. Yes, you heard that right, dryer sheets can also be used to clean. So I will show you how to clean your baseboards with a dryer sheet. What you need to do is get a single piece of a dryer sheet and make sure it’s wet. Now use the wet dryer sheet to clean the baseboards. See it was that simple you didn’t have to break a sweat.




You might be wondering “what is this broom method?” well it involves using a cloth. What you need to do is wrap a clean microfibre cloth around the broom and use an elastic band to tie the cloth around the broom. Now use the broom to clean and dust off the baseboards. The reason why I choose to do this is that it doesn’t require you to bend down all the time. So this method is less strenuous on the back.




This method is only recommended if the previous methods didn’t work. This is because using a brush can damage the paint on the baseboard. So you have to make sure you use a soft brush. So when you find the safest brush to use this is what you need to do next. Make sure to make the brush wet. Now use the brush to gently scrub the baseboard. That’s all you need to do for this step.